Owls of Wisdom

Kindergarten Readiness:

Ages 4 - 5 


All lessons plans come from the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Education.


English Language Arts Standard Area

Foundational Skills

Reading Informational Text 

Reading Literature


Speaking and Listening 


Mathematical Thinking and Expression Standard Area

Numbers and Operations

Algebraic Concepts


Measurement, Data, and Probability 


Scientific Thinking and Technology Standard Area

Biological Sciences

Physical Sciences

Earth and Space Sciences

Computer and Information Technology


Social and Emotional Development Standard Area

Self-Awareness and Self

Establishing and Maintaining Relationships

Decision-Making and Responsible Behavior


Communicating through the Arts Standard Area

Music and Movement

Dramatic and Performance Play  

Visual Arts and Crafts


Approaches to Learning through Play

Constructing and Gathering Knowledge

Organizing and Understanding Information 

Applying Knowledge 

Learning through Experience